The boys are back in school today talking about Michael Sam’s cut from the Rams, nude photos on iCloud, Joan Rivers, the Wahlberg/McCarthy St. Charles wedding, and more.

Johnny and Buzz discuss ESPN’s controversial report about Michael Sam’s showering habits with the St. Louis Rams.

Johnny talks to Bryan Bednarek who currently holds the Guinness World Record for being the fastest clapper in the world.

Johnny and Buzz speak with Max Miller a student from Northeastern University who flipped out when he fell into a Wisconsin lake while kayaking.

Johnny talks about a YouTube video of a Packer fan receiving a surprise autographed jersey from Aaron Rodgers – and questions girlfriend Olivia Munn’s involvement in the gift.

After hearing the Comcast customer service call from hell that went viral this week, Johnny re-opens the show’s Misinformation Line in hopes that it will get him a gig as the company’s newest service rep.

After playing his jokes and leaving him messages all week, Johnny and Buzz finally catch-up with genius comedian Super Dave Osborne. He tells some jokes, talks about working on Curb Your Enthusiasm, and shares tales from his early days in comedy with the Smothers Brothers, Redd Foxx, Slappy White, and Steve Martin.