Live from Chicago…Johnny and Buzz remember SNL’s Don Pardo and Johnny Carson’s Potato Chip Lady; news talk includes the chaos in Ferguson, Johnny Football’s middle finger, Mr. T’s jury duty, the chick who climbed into a giraffe exhibit, and more. Plus: he’s the man, he’s the man, he’s the mannn…it’s Newsman/Bluesman Buzz’s birthday!

Saturday Night Live’s Jay Pharoah talks about the break-up that inspired his viral video “What Does My Girl Say?” and how he re-gained his confidence at SNL. Plus, he tries to teach Johnny and Hector some slang and listens to Movie Man’s Six Second Reviews so he can pick a movie to see this weekend. Featuring cameos from Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Tracy Morgan, The Rock, and Billy the Bed Bug.

Audio of the full interview:

Johnny talks to Jim Ferrell, a 97-year-old music lover who says he was kicked out of his retirement home for constantly playing his ukulele.

Johnny talks about a YouTube video of a Packer fan receiving a surprise autographed jersey from Aaron Rodgers – and questions girlfriend Olivia Munn’s involvement in the gift.

Johnny celebrates the 45th anniversary of the first moon landing with his original interviews with Apollo 11’s Buzz Aldrin and the late Walter Cronkite.

After hearing the Comcast customer service call from hell that went viral this week, Johnny re-opens the show’s Misinformation Line in hopes that it will get him a gig as the company’s newest service rep.

In this week’s viral video pick to click, Johnny talks to Wisconsin lumberjack Garrett Smith about how he rescued a black bear with a milk jug stuck on its head.

Johnny & Buzz talk about the reaction of a father who finds out on
‘Nancy Grace’ that his missing son was found alive in his basement.

Johnny gets ready for Jimmy Buffett’s Chicago show with some performances from the archive.

Movie Man Russ Leatherman talks about Transformers and the new

Johnny reads a report about the recent snake sightings in Naperville, IL, but Buzz doesn’t care because he thinks Naperville is “snooty.”

Johnny talks to Georgia man Sean O’Connor, who was struck by lightning while wearing steel-toe boots.

Johnny talks to Chicagoan Mike D’Amico about his decision to go to Brazil to watch the World Cup…while dressed as Teddy Roosevelt.

Patty Kearney explains why she went after an intruder with a backscratcher (and a wrench) inside her home in Marion, IN

Johnny and Buzz discuss the viral video of a black bear trailing two joggers in Alberta, Canada, who actually attempt to tell the bear to stop following them.

Johnny’s little brother Jeffy calls into the show looking for a job, but is reluctant to give his number out on the air again after receiving prank calls from listeners.

Jun 11 2014

Moves like Jagger

Johnny and Buzz talk about the recent photos of Mick Jagger frolicking with a new lady love only months after his girlfriend died – too soon? Listeners weigh in. Plus: Johnny and Hector get ready for the Backstreet Boys concert.

Johnny talks about the upcoming BBC documentary that features a researcher who had a sexual relationship with a dolphin.

Johnny talks to Ina Farler – her family’s pet pig named “Lucky” saved her and her two grandchildren from a fire in a mobile home.

Johnny and Buzz talk about California Chrome owner Steve Coburn’s apology for being a sore loser.

Johnny and Buzz discuss the 911 call about the pilot who ingested 62 bags of cocaine before boarding a flight.

Just weeks before he passed away, Johnny called oldest living man in the world, 111-year old New Yorker Alexander Imich, and attempted to have a conversation.

Super Dave calls in to unload his thoughts about the media’s coverage of Kim and Kanye’s wedding, Donald Sterling, and more. Mid-rant, comedian Paul Rodriquez stops by the studio and joins in the crazy conversation.

May 22 2014

In Studio: Dom Irrera

Comedian Dom Irrera talks about V. Stiviano’s interview with Dr. Phil, his mom’s friendship with Charles Barkley, Tom Dreesen’s Chicago connections and more.

After talking about his missing iPad on the air earlier in the week, Johnny gets a random tip from legendary comedian Tom Dreesen about its possible location. Plus, Dreesen has the inside scoop on David Letterman’s retirement.

Comedian/actor Kevin Farley talks about growing up in Wisconsin, auditioning in Los Angeles, honoring his brother Chris Farley’s comedy legacy, and more.

Johnny talks to musician Charlie Daniels about his new album of Bob Dylan covers. Off The Grid – Doin’ It Dylan’ is available now on iTunes and

After playing his jokes and leaving him messages all week, Johnny and Buzz finally catch-up with genius comedian Super Dave Osborne. He tells some jokes, talks about working on Curb Your Enthusiasm, and shares tales from his early days in comedy with the Smothers Brothers, Redd Foxx, Slappy White, and Steve Martin.

“King of the High Wire” Nik Wallenda talks to Johnny B. about preparing for his next stunt – in Chicago!

Johnny wakes up comedian Gallagher to talk about his random appearance in Jimmy Kimmel’s Esquire article. Plus, Gallagher explains why he’s currently staying at Gloria Estefan’s mother’s house in Miami and why he’ll never try to fight Gary Busey.

Jonathon Brandmeier talks to musician Art Garfunkel about getting his “angelic” singing voice back, walking across America, shooting free throws, and recording Sounds of Silence with “touchy subject” Paul Simon.