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Showcast Episode 8 – Social Piss-tancing

The King of All Toilets (aka Steven Soifer, president of the American Restroom Association) tries to ease public bathroom anxiety as the country opens up. “Everybody Loves Raymond” creator Phil Rosenthal talks about the new season of his Netflix series “Somebody Feed Phil.” JB drops his ditty inspired by Bob Dylan and COVID, a caller wraps up “The Last Dance” poison pizza party, and more.


Showcast Episode 7 – Cheeseheads on the loose

“Manitowoc Minute” man Charlie Berens and the Good Outdoorsman Eddie Abler join JohnnyB to talk about Wisconsin’s overturned stay-at-home order and packed bars (plus there’s a fishing report). A single listener talks about dating during quarantine. Buzz says he’d eat at a restaurant using mannequins and blow-up dolls to help with social distancing. “Last Dance” talk: Chicago Bulls memories continue with wedgies and wake-ups to opposing teams, and more.


Showcast Episode 6 – “A collection of weird”

Triggered by The Last Dance, a listener tells us his Jerry Krause story. Celebrities that Buzz thought were dead are now actually dead! Nic Cage preps for the Tiger King movie. A break with REO Speedwagon live in the Lovedart Lounge. Johnny tries to give quarreling quarantined lahhvers a relationship quiz. Plus, “She’s Johnny’s Mother”: in honor of Mother’s Day, that time Hanky met Frank Sinatra and bit her own son!


Showcast Episode 5 – Fabio & UFOs

A riled up Fabio Viviani talks about helping the restaurant biz through the pandemic. The Pentagon’s release of UFO videos inspires a new show on BBS (Brandmeier Broadcast System). Buzz wants answers on Doug Collins in “The Last Dance” and that time Michael Jordan called Breakfast with Brandmeier.  A listener asks Johnny about his worst interview ever and we relive it with him! Plus: a song and video by the brothers, the brothers, the brothers…and the Pope.


ESPN’S Michael Wilbon on “The Last Dance”

Michael Wilbon from ESPN’s PTI talks about the first two episodes of the Michael Jordan docuseries “The Last Dance”, from Jordan yelling at his teammates, “villain” Jerry Krause, the real Dennis Rodman, and more. Plus, from the Brandmeier archives: JB learns Phil Jackson’s radio name and sees Rodman running in Rome.