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Episode 25 – Havin’ fun with my radar gun

JB gets pulled over by a police officer who’s a fan of the Moo Moo song. From the archives, conversations with the late Hall of Fame running back Gale Sayers and Sylvester Stallone’s mother Jackie. Calling one billionaire – Buzz wants you to save live music clubs – and a guy in Milwaukee wants us all to save the Taco Bell Mexican pizza.


Episode 24 – What ever happened to crazy?!

Some news you can lose: a TikTok star explains how to get free food from restaurants, a YouTuber poops on Nancy Pelosi’s driveway, a dentist gets time for performing surgery while on a hoverboard, Senator Chuck Schumer does stand-up, and more. Plus: Big Ten is back, Chris Rock’s on Fargo, and one of our listeners is a hero.


Episode 23 – Baby, don’t light my fire

A California wildfire was caused by a gender reveal party – we talk to the woman who started the trend (not the fire!). A guy on a mission to have boneless wings removed from menus calls in. We get ready for some football…with Liberace?! And Johnny wonders…are we all just army ants going in circles with COVID info?


Episode 22 – Salute to Super Dave

Actor and comedian Bob Einstein, aka Super Dave Osborne and Marty Funkhouser on Curb Your Enthusiasm, was one of our all-time favorite guests. He passed away while we were gone and we never got to pay proper tribute, so this episode is our salute to Super Dave! He called in whenever he felt like it and would jump into the conversation with whoever we had on, from Norm Macdonald, Bobby Goldsboro, a turkey calling champion, and others. He talks about his appearances on Curb and tells many jokes you’ll want to remember. 


Episode 21 – Bison, Bikers, & Buzzisms

A bison ripped a biker chick’s pants off at Sturgis – we talk to the woman who caught the whole thing on video. We discuss the My Pillow Guy’s cure for COVID, the NBA announcer suspended for accidentally tweeting the N-word, the MLB announcer fired for an anti-gay slur, and more. The world record holder for most words spelled backwards in one minute joins us. Plus: a montage of the crazy little things Buzz says.


Jim Belushi

Jim Belushi – actor, Blues Brother, and now cannabis farmer – joins us to talk about his new Discovery Channel show “Growing Belushi.” He tries to convince JB to smoke some Cherry Pie aka “The Marriage Counselor,” tells us why he went to Colombia to hunt for pot for Dan Aykroyd, why he believes his brother John would still be alive if he’d been a pothead, and more.

“Growing Belushi” premieres Wednesday, August 19 at 10/9c on Discovery.

Episode 20 – Stay home numbnuts!

Jim Belushi joins us to talk about his pot farm & new show “Growing Belushi.” The Italian duo who did the song “Stay Home You Sonnomabetch” give us a taste of it live. Johnny gets political (about scrotum frogs in Lake Titicaca), talks about Smash Mouth going crazy at the Sturgis Biker Rally, and has some sound advice for MLB broadcasts with no crowd.


Episode 19 – There Goes My Show

An R-rated voicemail almost takes the show in an ugly direction. Listener “Mike the Trucker” wants JB to teach him how to sing Kenny Chesney’s “There Goes My Life” for his daughter’s wedding. With the Sturgis motorcycle rally happening this week, JB remembers trying to join Hells Angels with founder Sonny Barger. Buzz is annoyed by news reporters wearing masks on TV and is going to hell for stealing avocados. Plus: we’re “afraid of Americans” – some weird/gross stories from the week, and of course, it’s Pat the complainer with another voicemail, and this time she actually likes something…and it’s not sand!