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Episode 33 – For Entertaining, Not Complaining

JB sees an ad in the radio trades and gets his airchecks ready to go. Mike Tyson is back and ripped, a tow truck driver refuses to help a Biden supporter, a kid busts his mom for drunk driving, and Wolfgang Van Halen pays tribute to his dad. A call to a listener with one arm and no legs should make us all stop complaining! We respond to comments about the live stream. And it’s not Thanksgiving without calls to the Butterball Turkey Hotline, JB’s movie “Thanksgiving Day,” and Patti LaBelle’s sweet potato pie!


Episode 32 – The Twilight Zone

Topics include moving to the Ozarks for 10 grand, drunk Chicago White Sox manager Tony La Russa, and more. We call a guy who knows a guy to find him a job and wish the world’s oldest midget a happy birthday. The Good Outdoorsman Eddie Abler talks to a woman who fought a deer with her bare hands. And from The Brandmeier Archives: “Jeopardy!” host Alex Trebek in studio busts Johnny B.’s balls.


Episode 31 – Two Dogs & A Wife

Sh*t Show merch is here – and there’s a wine to go with it! JB calls on the jobs that LinkedIn suggests for him. We talk Johnny Depp’s turd trial and more talking headlines. A listener finds dead bodies at work and another remembers an old show character (well, well, well). Plus: The Doobie Brothers are finally in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Michael McDonald’s live in the Lovedart Lounge, direct from The Brandmeier Archives.


Episode 30 – Halloween Hangover

We play our classic celebrity wake-up call to the late Sean Connery, discuss the hot new pandemic trend — living in a van (DOWN BY THE RIVER!) — and Costco’s monkey problem. A bar owner who’s ticked off at the latest shutdown is on the line. We review a Netflix doc – the octopus is not our teacher! – and more.


Episode 29 – Johnny the Monkey

A listener complains about the show’s length. LinkedIn has suggestions for JB’s next gig – selling flying squirrels isn’t one of them. More mishaps in broadcasting: Troy Aikman mocks flyovers and Jeffrey Toobin masturbates on a Zoom call. Plus: Wa wa wee wa – Borat is back! And so is the original Borat/Brandmeier interview.


Episode 28 – Life is a rock & radio rolled me

JB & Buzz (aka Judge Mental) discuss the new “politically correct” world of broadcasting – the tweets and talk of fired radio guys, Bill Burr’s SNL monologue, and the renaming of the Eskimo Pie. Also, David Crosby’s “meh” memorial for Eddie Van Halen, the only 3 places in America without COVID, and Eddie Abler’s report on fishing boat caskets. Plus: a radio flashback with Lenny Kravitz.


Episode 27 – Radio flashback with Eddie Van Halen and more

RIP Eddie Van Halen – from the Brandmeier Archives, we play the full, unedited Van Halen studio interview. Other topics include sh*t stories in the news, a CNN anchor ambushed by raccoons, a man who found a brain in Wisconsin, and the ongoing mask debate. Plus: A roadie comments on Buzz’s plan for ONE billionaire to save live music and we get back to back live calls from Mississippi. 


Archives: Eddie Van Halen

This live, unedited radio interview features Eddie Van Halen & Alex Van Halen in studio with Jonathon Brandmeier. They talk about Eddie’s “mistake” on Eruption, why Eddie never tuned his guitar on stage, who was really to blame in the lead singer soap opera that was Van Halen, and Alex’s drum solo when the ceiling crashed on his head. They also review a basement tape from the early years in LA clubs that a fan sent to JB that they had never heard before, and their next world tour stop wish was Mars!