This live, unedited radio interview features Eddie Van Halen & Alex Van Halen in studio with Jonathon Brandmeier. They talk about Eddie’s “mistake” on Eruption, why Eddie never tuned his guitar on stage, who was really to blame in the lead singer soap opera that was Van Halen, and Alex’s drum solo when the ceiling crashed on his head. They also review a basement tape from the early years in LA clubs that a fan sent to JB that they had never heard before, and their next world tour stop wish was Mars!

Jim Belushi – actor, Blues Brother, and now cannabis farmer – joins us to talk about his new Discovery Channel show “Growing Belushi.” He tries to convince JB to smoke some Cherry Pie aka “The Marriage Counselor,” tells us why he went to Colombia to hunt for pot for Dan Aykroyd, why he believes his brother John would still be alive if he’d been a pothead, and more.
“Growing Belushi” premieres Wednesday, August 19 at 10/9c.

Award-winning U.K. radio personality Graham Mack interviews Johnny B. via Zoom for his show “The Pod 20” on London’s Podcast Radio. JB gets real about his experiences in the radio & TV biz (from getting fired at Westwood One to being yelled at by Mary Tyler Moore…and more), wonders if he’d fit in if he […]

After some trouble connecting via Zoom, Jimmy Buffett joins the show from his quarantine in “dry dock.” He talks about his latest album Life on the Flip Side, from the notes he got from Paul McCartney to the stories behind the songs Cussin’ Island, Hey, That’s My Wave, and Johnny’s favorite, Book on the Shelf […]

Comedian Charlie Berens from “Manitowoc Minute” sounds off on Wisconsin’s overturned stay-at-home order and packed bars, and politely listens to a fishing report from The Good Outdoorsman Eddie Abler.

A riled up Fabio Viviani (“Top Chef” fan favorite and entrepreneur) talks about helping the restaurant biz through the pandemic, not giving into “Tiger King” peer pressure, the R-rated story behind pasta puttanesca, and the time he knocked the Pope’s hat off.

Guest Michael Wilbon from ESPN’s PTI talks about the first two episodes of the Michael Jordan docuseries “The Last Dance”, from Jordan yelling at his teammates, “villain” Jerry Krause, the real Dennis Rodman, and more. Plus, from the Brandmeier archives: JB learns Phil Jackson’s radio name and sees Rodman running in Rome.

Flashback Friday with Da Bulls Super Fans Chris Farley, Bob Odenkirk, Robert Smigel, and JB at Ditka’s in Chicago.