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Showcast Episode 4 – Da Bulls & Da Birds

Guest Michael Wilbon from ESPN’s PTI talks about the hot docuseries The Last Dance. The Michael Jordan of fishing, Babe Winkelman, calls in. Grab your balls, Georgia’s going bowling – we review the “essential” businesses now open, and plug two from listeners – a hand-held hummingbird feeder and a size K bra shop. Plus, Eb from Green Acres is dead and yes – Johnny has talked to him!


Showcast Episode 3 – Dave’s not here!

We celebrate 420 with Tommy Chong and his favorite game, and pay our respects to Grandma Ganja, the original leader of the medicinal marijuana movement. Comedian Gilbert Gottfried dials the hotline to sell COVID-19 masks with his face on them. Johnny drunk dials WGN-TV’s  Robin Baumgarten, Buzz, and his bride Lisa B. Plus: The Good Outdoorsman Eddie Abler hijacks the stream before Johnny signs off.


Showcast Episode 2 – Woo woo!

We continue testing with random calls from Cubs fan Ronnie Woo Woo, a high Hawaiian, quarantine-crazy listeners, and a really PO’d mystery woman. Dr. Lovedart answers your COVID questions and from the archives, George Carlin and JB discuss the seven dirty words, and the one Buzz will never use. And TMI: JohnnyB gives “streaming” a new meaning when the mic picks up his pee break.