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Archives: Eddie Van Halen

This live, unedited radio interview features Eddie Van Halen & Alex Van Halen in studio with Jonathon Brandmeier. They talk about Eddie’s “mistake” on Eruption, why Eddie never tuned his guitar on stage, who was really to blame in the lead singer soap opera that was Van Halen, and Alex’s drum solo when the ceiling crashed on his head. They also review a basement tape from the early years in LA clubs that a fan sent to JB that they had never heard before, and their next world tour stop wish was Mars!

Jimmy Buffett

After some trouble connecting via Zoom, Jimmy Buffett joins the show from his quarantine in “dry dock.” He talks about his latest album Life on the Flip Side, from the notes he got from Paul McCartney to the stories behind the songs Cussin’ Island, Hey, That’s My Wave, and Johnny’s favorite, Book on the Shelf (which also made Buzz “well up”). He talks about his postponed shows (“for 42 years I’ve been telling people I’d take a summer off, this is not what I had in mind”), how he’s staying connected to fans, and more. Plus: he performs an unplugged cover of Everybody’s Talkin’ by Fred Neil.